Residential Construction


Pan Construct Residential Construction

Building process

Get a free estimate

Request a free estimate from your new home consultant. This includes your chosen home design along with an estimate of the site works required for your block of land. It is easy simply provide us with a plan of your block of land and information on any covenants that may apply to your new home and we can produce a free estimate for you.

Enter into a preliminary agreement

Upon your approval of the estimate, PCN will prepare a preliminary agreement at which time a small fee is payable, the amount of which is fully deductible from the final contract price of your home and allows PCN to produce the necessary reports on your land to provide you with a fixed price contract.
What's included:

  • Soil testing report
  • Preliminary Council searches
  • Contour survey
  • Site inspection report
  • Preliminary drawings
  • New home tender preparation

New house tender

PCN will provide you with a new home tender and preliminary drawings for your new home. This is the opportunity for you to check your plans, inclusions and pricing before proceeding to a contract.

MBA contract

Upon acceptance of your new home tender, a further small fee is payable for which you will receive a MBA contract along with full working drawings for your new home. Once your contract is signed and the balance of your 5% deposit is paid, PCN will lodge your building, plumbing and drainage applications with your Local Authority / Private Certifier. You will be contacted to arrange appointments for your tiling selections, lighting and electrical consultation and Selection Showroom consultation. Make sure the balance of your 5% deposit is settled at your contract signing appointment to avoid unnecessary delays.

Tile selections

Now it's time to complete your tile selections with the guidance of an expert tile consultant. Browse through the options available to you and get the right advice to ensure you have the latest on-trend colour scheme for the all-important tiled areas of your new home. You will be contacted to arrange an appointment to complete your final tile selections at a conveniently located tile selection showroom.

Lighting and electrical consultation

A trained consultant will assist you with your lighting and electrical plan. During your consultation you will see your electrical plan designed on the screen in front of you as your consultant takes you through the rooms of your new home to discuss the various options. You will be contacted to arrange an appointment to attend your consultation, or if you can't make it in person you can opt for a remote consultation over the internet and phone.

Selection from Showroom

Bring your completed pre-start colour selections and tile samples along with you to an exclusive consultation, where we'll assist you every step of the way with your selections to ensure you have a beautiful new home which is just right for you. You'll need to complete your pre-start colour selections and tile selections before you can attend the meeting. You'll be contacted to arrange an appointment.

Site start

Once the necessary documentation has been received by PCN, a site start date can be issued by your Site Manager.
Documentation checklist:

All variations signed
Lighting and electrical, tile and appointments completed
Authority to Commence Construction (ACC) issued to PCN from lender
Approvals received from your Local Authority / Private Certifier
Covenants approved (if applicable)
Proof of land ownership provided
Proof of loan provided (if applicable)
Evidence of capacity to pay issued to PCN (if you are paying with cash)

Your building supervisor will contact you to arrange a meeting on site where you discuss all aspects of the construction of your new home and answer any questions you may have at this stage. Your building supervisor will provide you with a weekly update on the progress of your home throughout the building process. Your on-site customer service representative will call you prior to commencement of construction to check if you have any additional queries at this stage, and will be available as a secondary point of contact to answer your queries throughout the build. If you have any non-urgent questions, feel free to raise them in your weekly call with your building supervisor.

Base stage

For a standard home with a slab on ground construction, "base" stage is complete when the building's slab is poured.
Construction works:

Level house pad excavation
Concrete floor slab pouring
Foundation works

It's at this stage when 10% of your contract value is due as a progress payment.

Frame stage

"Frame" stage is complete when the building's frame is finished ie wall frames are fixed, roof trusses are fixed, and all tie downs and bracing are complete.
Construction works:

House frame erection (excluding garage or portico for two storey homes)
Roof truss erection

External cladding stage

"External cladding" stage is complete when external wall cladding, roof covering, external windows and sliding doors are fixed. This excludes the garage door and external hinged doors.
Construction works:

Fascia and guttering installation
Bricklaying / cladding installation
Roof installation (except for two storey homes)
Window installation
Plumbing and electrical positioning
Structural flooring laid (two storey homes only)

Fixing stage

"Fixing" stage is complete when all internal linings, architraves, cornice, skirting, doors to rooms, wet area tiling, built-in cabinets (excluding shelves), and built-in cupboards (excluding shelves and robe fitouts) of your home are fitted and fixed into position. This excludes baths, stone bench tops and glass splashbacks which are installed after this stage is complete.
Construction works:

Plasterboard lining installation
Wet area tiling
Staircase installation (two storey homes)
Door installation
Architrave and skirting board installation
Kitchen installation

At this stage 20% of your contract value is due as a progress payment.

Practical completion

"Practical completion" stage is reached when all work is completed in compliance with your contract including all plans and specifications for the work and all statutory requirements applying to the work. As per your contract this excludes any "minor defects or omissions" which do not affect the home being occupied; such items are addressed in the final walk through inspection.
Construction works:

General site clean up
Flooring installation
Electrical and plumbing final fit
Carpentry final fit

At this stage 15% of your contract value is due as a progress payment. Remember that all progress payments are required within 5 working days from when you are issued a progress claim. It's important to ensure your home and contents and building insurances take effect from the date of practical completion.

Final walkthrough inspection

Once you have reached practical completion stage and all works are complete in accordance with your contract, your building supervisor will contact you to arrange a final walkthrough inspection of your new home. The final walkthrough inspection is your opportunity to identify any of the "minor defects or omissions" which are excluded from the practical completion stage of your building contract, but which you would like rectified prior to handover. Together with your building supervisor, you will inspect your home and identify any outstanding items that need to be addressed. Your building supervisor will address these items prior to the home being officially handed over to you, a period which normally takes around 10 working days from the date of the final walkthrough inspection. At the final walkthrough meeting, your building supervisor will walk you through your new home and provide helpful advice, guidance and demonstrations for important maintenance matters including your electricals, your foundations, general safety, pest control and proper care for your inclusions. Remember to allow a minimum of 2 weeks to organise your utility providers prior to moving in.


When all monies have been paid in accordance with your contract, your building supervisor will arrange a meeting with you on site to officially handover your new home. It's at this meeting you'll be finally issued with the keys to your new home!

Service and Warranty program

Your new home is constructed to a high standard, however it may still experience some minor effects of the natural movement of the ground and settlement of the building once construction has been completed. Rest assured this is completely normal. To help you settle in, PCN will provide you with an service and warranty program, whereby we will address any of the minor items which may occur as a result of your new home settling. Usually these issues are as simple as minor cracking to your cornices. Don't wait until the end of the service period to document your items; document them as you notice them to ensure nothing is missed during this time. In NSW the service period is 13weeks commencing from practical completion.

Service and Warranty requests
PCN will email you when the end of the service period is approaching at which time you'll be asked to submit all your requests. All Service and warranty items you would like addressed need to be emailed back to PCN by the end of your service and warranty service period. Don't worry - PCN will remind you when the end of your service period is approaching, and you'll receive a phone call from your service and warranty customer service officer to remind you to lodge all your requests on time. You'll be contacted by email and phone at least 4 weeks prior to the end of the service period.

Service and Warranty inspection
After your service and warranty requests have been received by PCN a service and warranty officer will call you within 5 working days to arrange a meeting at your home. At this inspection meeting, your service and warranty officer will do a thorough inspection of all your requests and answer any questions you may have. Also, your service and warranty officer will check your landscaping and advise on any items you need to address to ensure your foundations are being adequately maintained. The service and warranty inspection takes place about 2 weeks after receipt of your service and warranty requests.

Service and Warranty completion
Service and warranty completion is reached when all your service and warranty items have been addressed, including any necessary work required for your home. Depending on access to your home, Service and warranty is completed 8 weeks after the inspection for your home.