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Project Management

Residential & Commercial Project

1 Development Feasibility :

Undertaking development feasibility is like a business plan. It helps you break down complex projects and execute them in a manageable and timely manner – with as few surprises as possible. A development feasibility is an integral part of the development process. we undertake feasibilities and can assist with a comprehensive review of your development site.

2 Design Management of Residential & Commercial projects

we ensure, the clients will have complete support for development of projects including on whole process of development applications, on concept designs, design developments, council approvals and construction till occupation certificates.

Services we offer:

  • • Structural engineering Design / Certificate.
  • • Stormwater Design/ Hydraulic drawings / Certificate.
  • • Soil Classification report/ Geotech report.
  • • Erosion and Sedimental control plans.
  • • Site Waste management plans.
  • • BASIX / Nathers assessment Certificates.
  • • Statement of environment effects.

3 Subdivision Construction

We have our partner company for the subdivision construction of projects - for small lots to large lots. We can submit clients the feasibility reports on properties. We can do budgeting on the subdivisions from DA approvals, time frame - scheduling, construction and until we receive the subdivision certificates.

4 Bulk Excavation/ Soil Disposal Services

Bulk Excavation to detailed excavation and disposal of soil as required by EPA. Cart and dispose of soil for any projects in Sydney.

Pan Construct Project Management